Another way to create a PO (Purchase Order) is from a Sales Order (SO). On an SO, selecting lines (by clicking them, or using the checkboxes) displays a menu. On the menu, the button “Create PO”, shows two options: either to create a PO for all selected lines, or only the selected lines that are Out of Stock.

Generate PO:

1.  Direct Delivery

Use this option to create a PO with the delivery address set to the customers address. As this item will never enter Stock, Direct Delivery orders will show under a sperate column of “DD” (in the item Quick View) and no RCT, or Packing is necessary to complete the PO.

2.  Append to Unconfirmed

This option will add the requested items to an existing PO with that Supplier, as long as the PO hasn’t been confirmed. This is unavailable for Direct Delivery, as a single PO must be delivered to one address.

3.  Back-to-Back PO (BTB)

This creates a PO which is directly linked to this SO. This means that the ordered items will not show as “On Order” but in a separate column of “BTB PO” (in the item Quick View), and that when the item is received it will not show in “Available”, but will go straight to “Reserved”. Note that until the item is received, it will not show in the “Reserved” column.

4.  Confirm POs

This will confirm the created PO