Once a Purchase Order (PO) is Received, you are not able to Unconfirm or Delete the PO. Finalise can only be done on a Confirmed PO which is not fully Received (there are items not yet received).

When you Unconfirm or Delete a PO, the lines will no longer show in Stock or on the sales rep’s apps, as ‘On Order’. Additionally, an Unconfirmed PO cannot have Receiving done on it.

Finalise is used to end an incomplete PO. Finalise indicates that despite the order not being fully complete, this Purchase Order is now considered Complete. In practise this does a few things:

  1. Adds the Finalised tag to the PO header.
  2. Sets the Qty requested to the Qty received, making the progress 100%
  3. Sets the ‘On Order’ numbers in Stock and in sales rep app for this PO to 0

There are two ways to go about Unconfirming/Finalising a PO, however Deleting a PO can only be done on the PO page itself:


To Unconfirm/Delete/Finalise a single PO, go to the PO page, click the settings icon (white gear, on red background), and from there you can Unconfirm or Finalise the PO or Delete it.


From the Purchase Order table, select multiple PO’s using the checkboxes on the left. Then on the action bar, you can click Confirm or Finalise.