A Receiving Transaction (RCT) records the physical act of receiving a shipment into stock. Generally, an RCT is created and filled in on the warehouse app; it can also be created and filled in on the website.

In the system, an RCT updates Stock levels by taking items that were ‘On Order’ (due to confirming the PO) and moving them to ‘Stock’, based on the quantity received.

An RCT will also update the progress on the PO, which measures how much of the order is received.

  1. Document – Input the document type (either Delivery Note or Invoice) and document number
  2. Fill All – Set the quantity received of every line to the expected quantity
  3. Add line – Used when a line is received from more than one batch or if items are stored in different BINs
  4. Pricing – Set how pricing is calculated
  5. Total Weight – Required for items priced by weight
  6. BIN – Set which BIN items were put into
  7. Received – Set the number of items received
  8. Batch info – Add batch date. Only required for items with Batch Strict
  9. Combine RCT – Combine this RCT with an earlier RCT (requires both RCT’s to have the same document type and number, and have the same date)

After receiving a PO, the RCT will show on the PO page under the items.