Once you have added a line to the SO, you can Confirm the SO, either in the SO details area or in the SO Status bar.

Note that a Sales Order can be Confirmed or Unconfirmed. In addition, individual lines/items can also be Confirmed or Unconfirmed. Don’t be confused, as these are two independent attributes:
  • Confirming an SO indicates that it is no longer in draft. It enables extra actions such as creating Packs, printing shipping labels and invoice generation.
  • Confirming a line quantity, however, indicates that, that part of the SO is going to be fulfilled. Confirming a line will add it to the calculation of Total pricing, allow the item to be Packed and when the SO is confirmed, the Item will be moved to Reserved in Inventory, and its Available Stock will be reduced.
Also bear in mind, that lines can be set to auto confirm when added to an SO.