Below packing is invoicing

Mark Processed is used to avoid issuing an invoice, usually when invoicing is not being processed in TradePeg. This will mark the invoicing for this SO as complete. This button is only visible if an Invoice has not been generated. 
Create an Invoice, click the ‘Generate Invoice’ button
1. Select which line quantities to use in the Invoice
2. Type in an Invoice number to append to an existing Invoice
3. Select PDF header for the Invoice (optional)
4. When Quantity is set to ‘Packed’, choose what to do with the remaining unpacked items on the SO:
• Remain on SO
Leave the un-packed lines on the SO
• Backorder
Backorder the remaining confirmed but unpacked items (see Backorder)
• Finalise SO
See Finalise
5. Add invoice note to appear on the invoice
Once you have input this information, press Generate.
Delete an Invoice
Click on an existing invoice to go to the Invoice page
Click the gear icon, and Delete Invoice