We can save searches into a queue for quick access. We can then set a specific queue (saved search) as the default, so that when going to the SO/PO List that queue will automatically activate.

In the above image we have searched for a specific date and for PO’s with a status of ‘New’ or ‘Confirmed’. After searching we see the ‘Save as queue’ button.

We can now enter a name for the queue and set whether it should be shared amongst all users. If a date was part of the search, then options appear to dynamically change the searched for date based on when the queue is used (date of execution) or, select ‘Keep’ to fix the date.

Now we can see a white bar in the search area (1), click it and we can see all the queues that have been saved (2). Click on a queue to use its search parameters.

When we are viewing a queue, we see that it appears in the Queue selection at the top, and that we have two new options, ‘Remove this queue’ and ‘Set as default queue’. Remove this queue will delete it from the system and Set as default will result in this queue being activated by default when the list page is viewed.