First navigate to the RCT that you want to create a bill for. You can access an RCT at the bottom of a PO as well.



Once you are in the RCT you can scroll down to the bottom of the RCT where there will be a button to “Create bill”



To create the bill, we must select which items to create the bill with as shown below.


When we have selected our items, we can click “Create Bill” which will open a page to create the bill.

From this page we can change the currency and the currency rate. We can also input a bill reference and change the date if we would like. After we have chosen the settings we want we press create bill which will then create the bill.


If we click on this bill it will open the bill page. From this page we can edit any bill details if need be and we can confirm for export by clicking the “confirm export” button on the top right-hand side as shown below.

After we click “confirm export” it will show us a pending sign which means it is waiting to be exported to sage. 

Once it has been exported to sage it will show a tick as shown below.