Connect Amazon marketplaces

To connect Amazon to TradePeg you will need to:
  1. Register with Amazon MWS and get your account identifiers which will give TradePeg access to your Amazon account.
  2. Add each Amazon marketplace as a channel in TradePeg.

Register with Amazon MWS

  1. Visit the Amazon Seller account.
  2. Click the "Settings" > "User Permissions"
  3. Scroll down to "Amazon MWS Developer Permissions" section, and click on "Authorise a Developer"
  4. In the "Developer's Name", enter "TradePeg Ltd"
  5. For EU Marketplaces (UK, FR, DE, IT, ES) Only In "Developer ID", enter: "9726-1135-2995", Click on "Next"
  6. For US Marketplaces (US, CA, MX) Only In "Developer ID", enter: "4271-4749-8070", Click on "Next"
  7. For AU, JP Marketplaces Only In "Developer ID", enter: " 4330-0383-5527 ", Click on "Next"
  8. Accept the Agreement and click "Next", You will be given your Seller ID, and "MWS Authorisation Token", these details will be used in the next steps.

Adding Amazon marketplace

Each Amazon marketplace is added separately in TradePeg, even if they all belong to the same seller account. For example, a single Amazon seller account can be used for UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France - add each of these separately in TradePeg. Once you've added the first one using your seller account identifiers you can simply select them from the list to re-use them.

  1. In your TradePeg account, Go to "Marketplaces" > "Add New Marketplace" > "Amazon"
  2. Enter the marketplace name, select the Marketplace, 
  3. In the "Authentication details" enter "Seller ID" and "Authorisation Token" you were given from the step above