To create a warehouse transaction, go to Inventory > Warehouse Transactions. Create a new warehouse transaction. Then select the Transaction Date, Warehouse, Description, and Type.

There are 2 types of warehouse transaction: 

  • Adjustment
  • Stock Take

When you select Adjustment the system adjusts the amount you specify for each product. For example if you specify 6 units of product 'Super Widget' then the total stock of Super Widgets will be incremented by 6. Similarly, if you specify -3 units of product 'Mediocre Widget' then the total stock of Mediocre Widgets will be decremented by 3.

In contrast, a Stock Take is used for setting the absolute value of stock units, rather than manually incrementing/decrementing them. For example if you specify 6 units of product 'Super Widget' then the system will check the current stock level of Super Widgets. Let's say it finds there are currently 2 Super Widgets in stock, it will then increment the number of Super Widgets by 4 so that the total is 6.

For any Adjustment or Stock Take you can set a Transaction Date. This is the date on which the change in stock level will actually take place. The Transaction Date can be in past or the future.

On a Stock Take transaction, the Transaction Date is the date on which the system will compare the 'current' stock level with the level set by the transaction. This is an important point: the system will use the stock level on the date of the Transaction Date (not the date that the transaction was entered into the system) to determine how many units to increment or decrement.

Adding items to a TRC can be done line by line (Add Part) OR pasting from excel or CSV (Paste Batch) OR selecting from a list (Select Batch).

When pasting from an Excel file, you can only enter products which already exist on the system. However you can tick Ignore Invalid Identifiers and the system will not stop importing if some products are not recognised. 

When doing a complete Stock Take of all your products, once you have added the products you can then go to the settings (red gear icon) to Import Remaining - this will provide you with a list of any products registered on the system that are not included on the stock take and then import them onto the TRC as 0 stock quantities