• Building templates with Bartender (Automation Edition) / Telerik

Getting started with BarTender (Video - 7:43) – BarTender Support Center

  • Understanding what fields can be used, based on where the print command comes from

Follow this link for a list of the fields which TradePeg can send to BarTender for label printing:

What fields can TradePeg send to Bartender for label printing?

  • Telling the system about templates and the file name 

Once you have created a template for a label you must add the label on the system - you do this by providing the template filename.

Go to Settings>Settings 

Select the Label Templates tab

Select New Label

Fill out the form with the relevant information

Template Name: This is an easy name to save the label template as on the system.

File Name: This is the filename you saved the label template as.

Once complete click Save

  • Print queues, what they are, setting up new queues

Print queues are the systems queue manager to ensure printing jobs are executed in the order that they are sent to the printer - this queue then transfers print jobs from the system to Print Station on the computer the printer is connected to

Go to Settings>Reports 

Select New Queue 

Give the queue a name and then save

  • Installing the Print Station on a computer

Download Print Station setup from your dedicated Print Station link. This can be found by:

On your TradePeg portal, navigate to Settings > App Settings

Under Print Station, you will find your dedicated link to install. Please copy that into your browser and hit enter.

Run Setup.exe to install the software on a computer that connects to the label printer - you may need to install Ghostscript to run the software - you MUST install the 32bit version of Ghostscript even if you are running a 64bit computer

Once the software is installed and running you will see this screen

Queue: Choose which queue should feed print jobs to Print Station - you require API access to be able to connect to the system to select a queue

Template Folder: Select file of the template made in Bartender/Telerik

Label Printer: Select which printer should print labels

Doc Printer: Select which printer should print documents

Barcode Printer: Select which printer should print barcodes

Shipping Slip Printer: Select which printer should print shipping slips

First we need to provide Print Station with API access to be able to select a queue to receive print jobs from.

Go to Settings>Team, Users, Sales Rep & Roles

In the API Access select New Access

You can now provide details for a new API access

Choose a Display name for the API access as well as a user name and password

The other fields can remain empty for Print Station access

Click save to save the API access

The new API access is now added to the list of API accesses

To add the API access to Print Station select the download button for the printers API to save the config file

Once you have the file downloaded from Print Station click Select Config File to add the API access

Browse to the file you downloaded (api.config) and select Open

Once Print Station has API access you should then be able to select the queue we created earlier from the dropdown menu

Click the ... to add a folder with the templates - navigate to the folder the templates are saved to and click OK

The template folder is now added to Print Station

You can now assign different rules for labels, documents, barcodes and shipping slips

System default: Use the default printer for the OS (Windows)

ASK: Ask which printer to use for each print job

SKIP: Do not print this item

Installed printers: Select one of the printers installed

Once you have set the rules for each item press OK

You can now print from the system selecting the template to use and the print job will be sent to the queue to be processed