Sending automated SMS messages or phone calls with Twilio integration

You must have a Twilio account set up to integrate with TradePeg for SMS messages or automated calls, If you do not have a Twilio account set up create an account with the following instruction - if you already have account skip this step

  • Go to
  • Click on "Sign Up"
  • Follow the signup process
  • Make sure you have verified your existing business phone number, or purchase a phone number from Twilio

From your dashboard you will need the Account SID and Auth Token (highlighted with red arrows), save them for later use

Adding your Twilio account in TradePeg

In TradePeg, add navigate to the "Settings" area, then click on "App Settings"

Click "Add Twilio account"

This brings up the Twilio Setup

App Name - Set a memorable name for this account

Outgoing phone number - You can enter either a name (Alphanumeric only, e.g. "FLOWERS4U") that will show on the received SMS, or a phone number that has been purchased or approved by Twilio on the previous step. You must include the full country code for phone numbers (+1, +44 etc.)

Account SID - The Account SID from the Twilio dashboard

Auth Token - The Auth Token from the Twilio dashboard

Once you enter the the details above, you can test before saving, To test the configuration enter:

Destination Phone Number - The destination phone number that will receive the test SMS message

Select Test to Test the account is correctly set up

If all the settings are entered correctly you receive a confirmation that the SMS was sent successfully

Once the test is successful click Save

You will get a confirmation that Twilio has been added to the account

Setting contact alerts with SMS or Phone Call

Go to the contact page you wish to set an alert for

Select the "Contacts" tab

In the "Automated Messages", select the event for when to send the SMS, SO, Delivery Notes, Invoice/Credit or PO

Click on the SO

This brings up the message configuration form

SMS/Call - select whether the customer receives an SMS or automated phone call

App - select which App to send the automated messages from (you can have multiple Twilio accounts saved for different customers)

Active - To temporarily deactivate the rule uncheck the checkbox

Phone Number - customers phone number for SMS or call to be sent to

Message - Message to be relayed to the customer

Once you have entered the relevant settings click the Save button

You can now see the rule has been created for the SO

To set up an automated phone call for Delivery Notes click on thebutton on Delivery Notes tab

Enter the settings for the automated message - making sure to select Call this time

Click the Save button to save the rule

You can now see the rule has been created for the Delivery Notes

This customer will now receive an SMS when a SO is confirmed and an automated phone call once a delivery note has been created.