The process for dispatching an order from a confirmed Sales Order is as follows.

Sales Order > Create Pallet(s) > Create Shipment > Create Pickup

The first step is creating a pallet in the Sale Order, you can have one pallet or numerous pallets for a sales order that can either be dispatched together in one shipment or split over different shipments. To create a pallet you create a pack and fill in the quantities of each product in the pack. If you do not pack all the products at the start you can either then pack further products into the original pallet or you can start a new pack which will create a new pallet. If you do this multiple times you will create a pallet each time. 

The next step is creating a shipment. A shipment can have one pallet or multiple pallets however a shipment can only be dispatched to a single location meaning you can add multiple pallets to a shipment if they are for the original customer however not from an alternate Sales Order for a different customer. Once a shipment has been created you can append further pallets to the shipment if for example they were created after the original pallet or if they were not expected to go together but then were able to.

The last step is creating a pickup. A pickup can be for one shipment or multiple shipments to various different addresses but must be dispatched from one location meaning you can only send shipments from one warehouse not from multiple different warehouses.

Below is a walk through of the process step by step