To invite customers to join the B2B Portal, login to your TradePeg account, navigate to Contacts and find the contact (Customer) you want to give access to your online portal.

Click on the "B2B Portal" tab, 

Click on the "Portal Settings" button to set permissions.

Once you see the dialog, select which Portal you are providing access to (if you select none it will disable the customers access)

To allow the customer to see inventory levels, tick "Show Inventory Count". To allow the customer to place orders via the portal, click "Allow Orders". 

To limit access to your products by a range of brands, categories or taggged products enter the brands/categories/tags that you want to allow your customer to view. You can also choose to exclude labels.

Once you've allowed login, you can invite this customer to join the portal, by clicking on the "New Invite" button. 

Enter the customer's name and email address, then click the "Send Invite" button, the customer will then receive an email with instructions on how to access his online account.

Please note: Each email address you invite can only show in one contact, you can not use the same email address for multiple contacts. If you want to use an email address that has already been assigned (Invited) to a different customer, you need to remove the invite from the previous customer first.