Adding promotions to a product:

From the dashboard go to Parts

From the product overview select the Pricelist tab:
You can now see details for all the pricelists the product is listed on:Select the conditional pricing icon to apply a temporary pricing structure

You can now modify the rules you would like to set for the promotion

From Quantity - Determine what quantity to be purchased to receive the promotional price. You can set multiple temporary pricing rules to a product eg one rule from 0 quantity and a second rule that will become active from 5 quantity to set a different pricing structure depending on the quantity purchased, 0-4 would have one promotional price and 5+ would receive a different price
Price - New price to be set for the promotion
Prevent discount - If customers receive a percentage discount you can determine whether the discount is applied to the promotional price or not
Auto - If you would like to the promotional price to automatically be applied to a sale check the box, if you would like the sales agent to confirm the discount before it is applied uncheck the box
Active From/Until - Determine date range for promotional price to be active

Input the details you would like to apply

Click "Save"

Your new promotion pricing is now shown in a red box

A second promotion for when 5 or more products are purchased is now added

List all promotions:

Go to the pricelist management page ( Inventory > Parts > Manage > Pricelists)

Find the pricelist with the products you want to know the promotional priced products from and select the down arrow on the export button

Select Export Conditional Pricing to export a list of all products with promotional pricing rules to an excel spreadsheet which will automatically start downloading

(Note that all products with promotional pricing will appear on the exported list even if the promotion is no longer active)