TradePeg’s Inventory Forecasting Report is a powerful tool which enables you to consider sales history within a certain timeframe and calculate the necessary supply for an upcoming period based on both demand and current inventory levels.Graphical user interface, text, application, email 
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TradePeg will provide a comprehensive report, and suggest a justified purchasing directive, then allowing you to generate Purchase Orders directly from the report.

Include All: Will include all products on the report, irrespective of whether they were sold within the period specified, and regardless of whether we require additional stock of them.

End Date: The Date from which the period begins counting back from

Period: What unit the Length of the report is referring to (eg. months/days/weeks)

Length:  How many periods worth of sales data we intend to consider.

Volume: Should the report consider ‘Packed’, ‘Invoiced’, ‘Confirmed’, or ‘Requested’, quantities.

Forecast: What figure should we suggest is Required, based on past Sales Data.

  • ie. Should we recommend an average for the upcoming Period.
  • The minimum required (based on lowest selling period).
  • The maximum required (based on highest selling period).
  • Or, the Total required (sum of all sales within the specified timeframe).

Include Sub Warehouses: Do we want the stock of Sub Warehouses, and sales made from Sub warehouses, included in the forecast.

Calculate Empty periods: If 0 of an item was sold within a certain period, are these to be factored into the forecasted figure.

Forecast Length: How many periods worth of inventory to forecast for.

Include Measurement: Will display a calculation of the size of the suggested forecast, based on dimensions held within each item’s product page.

Auto-calculate Lead time: The system will calculate lead time and include this on the report. This is calculated based on past purchasing of each SKU (the timespan between the PO being created and the item being received).

Purchased Since: Only look to calculate lead times for Purchase Orders within this timeframe.

Minimum PO’sMinimum Purchase Orders for item(s) to have formerly appeared on, to be included in lead time calculation.


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The Forecast Report will be formatted as follows:

As you can see it will show you your sales data for each period as specified, and all values will be clickable, allowing you to trace exactly which SO’s each bit of data is referring to.


Schedule this Report: Allows you to periodically run this report (on a dynamic timeframe), and have it automatically sent to an email of your choice in Excel format.

Save as New Queue: This allows you to save all entered search parameters for the report, in a similar way to Advanced Search Queues.

Export to Excel: Will prompt a download to an Excel copy of the Report.

Order Qty ‘Q’: Set the Order quantities to what is Required.

Order Qty ‘N’: Round up the Order Quantities to the nearest whole figure (relevant only when decimals have been forecast, often due to an Average being calculated). 

Duration: The amount of periods which your current stock of each SKU is likely to last for.


From the Results you are able to highlight lines in bulk, and easily generate PO’s for all outstanding items based on recommended quantities.