To configure the Sales App for scanning, follow the steps below:

Open the "DataWedge" app on the scanner

Tap the menu button and select New Profile

Enter "TradePeg Sales"

Click on the newly created profile.

Tap Associated apps, and then tap the three dot menu button in the top-right corner. Tap New app/activity.

Scroll and select

Select the first asterisk in the list

Tap the back button

On Barcode Input: Check the checkbox

On Keystroke Output: Uncheck the checkbox

On Intent Output: Check the checkbox

Set Intent action to tp.sales.scan

Leave "intent category" blank

Set Intent delivery to Send via startActivity

On IP Output: Uncheck the checkbox

Tap back

Switch to the TradePeg sales app and in the home screen click Settings (top right corner) and enable ‘Search Barcodes’

The app is now setup!