Profit Ratings can be set to appear on Sales Orders to provide a visual indicator of the profit margin.

They can be used to prevent a potential SO being sold too low, by requiring a more senior member of staff to confirm orders with a low gross profit.

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Profit Ratings are set up from Settings > Settings > Profit Rating.

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The ‘From %’ field sets the percentage Gross Profit (GP) from which this profit rating will be visible. For example, ‘4’ will mean the profit rating only shows on the Sales order if the GP is more than 4% (up to ‘From %’ of the next Profit Rating). 

‘Requires Elevated Permission’ dictates whether the order can be confirmed without Admin permission.

Message and Colour define how the Profit Rating will look on the Sales Order.

An example Profit Rating Setup might look as per the below:

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Anything 0-5% will display XXX in Red and require Admin permission to confirm.

Anything 5-15% will display X in Blue and require Admin permission to confirm.

Anything more than 15% will display nothing.