To start the stock take:

  1. Open the TradePeg WMS app on the scanner.
  2. You’ll see three buttons:
  • Pack. This will show you all the documents which are pending to leave the warehouse. For example, Sales Orders.
  • Receive. This will show you all the documents which are pending to enter the warehouse. For example Purchase Orders.
  • Tran. This is for generating new transactions, such as stock takes.
  1. Tap Tran.
  2. The first time you tap Tran, it will ask you to sync barcodes to the scanner. You just have to tap the green button and wait a few seconds while the initial sync takes place. The purpose of this sync is to enable the scanner to get offline access to all your barcodes. If, in the future, you add new products and/or update or change any barcodes then you should sync before doing a stock take. This will ensure your scanner has full offline access to all your codes.
  3. After syncing, the scanner will ask you whether you want to make a Stock Take or an Adjustment. The difference between these is explained in this knowledge base article
  4. Tap Stock Take and then start scanning products!

Note: the current stock take functionality is able to take stock of cases/boxes/packages. It does not take stock of weight. However this does not affect the units-of-measure on on a Sales Order or Purchase Order, which will register the weight received or packed.