Since WAC is not static text, and is instead a dynamic calculation of multiple transactions, it cannot be updated via a simple Import template. Though, there is a means of rectifying WAC if mistakes were made to Receiving Values (which can happen!).


The resolution to this is as follows: 


  • Export your current stock levels of everything which is in stock, keep this Excel safe.
  • Inventory Details (Wh) in the Report Centre should be useful for this.

  • Paste Batch will allow you to easily bulk import the values from Excel.

  • Ensure that all Buying Prices are correct [via a standard import template, if necessary], as this is what WAC will populate from.
  • NOTE: you may want to export your Last Buying Prices, save this Excel, and re-import them after rectifying WAC.


  • Create a new TRC, another stock take, re-importing the correct stock levels which will take the values from the Last Buying Price.


WAC will be newly populated given the last Buying Price, making Step 3 an optional validation of this bit of data. As always if you have any trouble updating WAC, please contact or your Project Manager if you are undergoing implementation.