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Reorder Report - Item Not yet Due

I would like to make the following suggestion to the reorder report.

When using Available + On order, or just Available. it will take off reserved stock from the calculation and will ask you to order however much is needed to reach to your max level set.

Now if a customer ordered some stuff for delivery in 2 months, it will show in the system as reserved and therefore the reorder report will flag up and ask you to place an order, even though the stock is not needed for now.

Is it possible that the reorder report should check the lead time set on the product and should only ask you to order the stuff once it is needed.

My suggestion will be that if the lead time for the product is 3 days, and the dispatch start date on the orders is only in 2 months time, than the reorder report should only flag up 5 day before the date set on the order. Meaning to say it should give you 2 - 3 days more than the lead time set on the product.

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