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Add Functionality to Invoice TRN

Can you add the option of invoicing a TRN? The default value which is the cost price is fine to use and we can always manually change as needed. 

The invoice should use the warehouse headers to choose where the bill needs to go. and like when using a marketplace there's the option of linking to a customer same should be with a warehouse. 

This is quite important in the scenario where we would send goods to Amazon FBA in the EU however because there's export/import involved with 2 separate legal entities we need to generate an invoice.

Another scenario, where 2 separate legal entities are in use and multiple headers are used to determine which accounting endpoint to export documents to. At the moment we have to create a PO from one warehouse to a second when goods are being transferred and then back to back an SO. This is a lot of work which can be avoided with 1 single document as a TRN.

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